Before and “After” Pictures

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Today, I am going to show some before and “after” pictures. I am not able to show any true after pictures because all of my rooms are constantly in transition. I like to rearrange things every couple of months, and I am frequently changing locations and bringing in new pieces. However, I do have some pictures of the rooms as they were when I first came to the house, as well as pictures of the rooms as they are today, August 08, 2012. So, here are the pictures “Before” and “August 08, 2012.” All of the before pictures are from the realtor.

The Front View

Not much has changed physically to the outside of the house. I am planning to put on a new roof soon, but up to the present day I have not changed anything about the outside of the actual house. I did buy a new bigger mailbox last summer at a garage sale. It is a beautiful one from Restoration Hardware, but I only paid $5 for it. We also took the air conditioner out of the upstairs front window.

The garden has changed. I put in a lot more plants. My roses and irises to the right of the front door are doing especially well. I also added two beds in the front. The stones came from the school where I work. They were thrown over a hill during construction, and I was told that I could take as many as I wanted. I really like the circular bed, but I did not put enough plants in it this summer. It looked a lot better last summer. It even looked better last week when the lilies that are in it were blooming. I like the wildflowers in the front bed, but I would like to make that bed bigger next year and plant more than just wildflowers. The new tree in the front yard, the very small one that almost looks like part of the wildflower bed, is a sour cherry tree. I just planted it this spring, and there were not many cherries in it this year. The birds ate them all. I cannot wait to have enough for a pie!

Cape of Dreams

Update: This blog has moved! You can finish reading this post here.

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