33 thoughts on “Wedding DIY – Personalized Hershey Kisses

      • thank you, thank you for putting this up! I was seriously considering hand-writting notes on 500 Hershey Kisses! Could you please send me the template as well? Thanks so much 🙂

  1. Awesome idea!!!!! it looks great!!!! You would be willing sell me some of your leftover sticker sheets? I would like to do this but do not want to buy 100 sheets. Thank you!

      • Hi Faith, I did get your response. I did not put in on the site in case you wanted your email to be private. Sorry that I did not respond to you sooner. I looked for the sheets quickly last night, but I did not find them. I know that there are in the house. I will get home very late tonight, but tomorrow after work, I am determined to find them, and when I do, I will send you some. I will get in touch with you soon.

      • I just sent you an email. I found the stickers and have 15 sheets in an envelope to send out to you on Monday or whenever I get your email. If you don’t receive my email, let me know.

        There is no charge for the stickers. Maybe you can follow my blog and give me feedback from time to time because that is what I would appreciate more than money.

        I hope that the stickers work out for you.

  2. Hi Jessica! Do you still have more sticker sheets? (I know you already gave some away, and I don’t know how many spare you had.) I’d love to get 12 sheets if you do…

  3. I absolutely love your idea of doing this yourself! It would save me lots of money, could you send me the templates for this? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much! Yours turned out great!

  4. Jessica, this is amazing. I’ve just spent hours looking on the web for personalised stickers to put on kisses, quite honestly they’re not very personal or cheap. Do you still have any sheets of stickers?

  5. I love this idea even better then just the writing on the stickers. I would love to get the template for my wedding. Thank you so much!

  6. I love this idea, my daughter is getting married and this is too cute, can you please send me the template, I would greatly appreciate it

  7. I would love to do this for my wedding. Would you be able to send me the template too? Thanks so much!

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