Window Washers We Are NOT

Update: This blog has moved! You can check out this post here.

So, you are no longer able to tell if it is night or day, while sitting in your house.  Your windows are filthy, and you need to clean them. You think that you would like to be able to see through your windows. Would you like my advice? In my honest opinion, having a view is overrated. Sit in your cave and enjoy the penumbra. You will be better off. Unless, of course, you have new modern windows that fold in and allow you to wash the outside of the window without going outside or climbing a ladder. If you have these newfangled inventions, you will be able to read this post and laugh at the ridiculousness of our situation. If you have older windows like the ones installed in our house in 1952, you can read this post and shutter thinking that this may have happened to you.

Dirty Screens

Update: This blog has moved! You can finish reading about this disaster in this post here.


2 thoughts on “Window Washers We Are NOT

  1. Hey, since your so experienced now, wanna come over to our house and do our windows? 😉
    We have older windows here too. They are small and double-hung. The inside is easy but the screens, storms and the outsides of the windows are impossible!

    • I do not think that I am going to be doing windows for a looooong time! After that, I might HELP you do it. I would do a lot of things differently, though, because as you said they are impossible to clean thoroughly. First of all, just replace the screens that are really bad. Also, break the job down into rooms; don’t try to clean them all at once. And lastly, do not wash your windows on a day when you have to get up and work the next day, so that you can have some wine and relax at the end of the job!

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