Decking the Halls – The Final Decorations

Update: This blog has moved! You can check out this post here.

In the last two weeks, I have written about my Christmas tree. Here are my posts about assembling the tree and decorating it. This was the finished project.

Christmas tree

Update: This blog has moved! You can finish reading this post here.


2 thoughts on “Decking the Halls – The Final Decorations

  1. A little bit of Christmas…EVERYWHERE! I love that. Everything looks so festive. It’s such a fun time of the year. Love the chandelier and the awesome purple tree.

    How in the world did you get your cat to wear a santa hat? I would have been bloody within the first 3 seconds. They look adorable. Hubby too!

    • Thank you! My cat is awesome. I picked out the kitten that seemed friendliest when I went to the ASPCA. She was just itty bitty then, and I handled her constantly, so now she will put up with anything. When we went to the vet, he needed her to stop purring so that he could listen to her heart. He kept flicking her on the nose, but even that would not get her to stop. The only thing that upsets her is if she gets ignored.

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