Since I’ve Been Gone

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Iiiiiii’mmmmmm baaaccckkk. I had a blast in Venezuela. My sister’s wedding was a lot of fun. The only thing that was missing was my man, since I had to leave him back in the States. Here is some pictures from the wedding.

Venezuelan weddingVenezuelan weddingVenezuelan wedding

Update: This blog has moved! You can finish reading this post here.

7 thoughts on “Since I’ve Been Gone

  1. Wow! That did bring back some memories . The thought of hallacas makes me gag.. yuk! Glad you were able to enjoy them! Did you get any arepas and guanabana? (Not together of course!) Good to see some photos… I woudl love to get back there but the time is not now!

      • Are they ever still there.. the cafe, Birosca, Tio Nicotes, Alfredos.. Why are all the spots I remember all about food? Hum. Could be why I returned a size 16? Sylvia found a box I had packed up form Venezuela.. Old cassette tapes purchased on various street corners… .. We have been listening to various vallenatos, mereguez, Franco DeVito… and alittle Zapato Tres… Suave Suave Suave Piel, Suave donde tu sabes! Of course, I am not translating that for her… Do you have photos of Merida proper? Any of the old haunts? DId you get some Torta Negra? YUM.. That is something I miss.. I have to be careful.. I am happy to be back to my size 8 pants.. I do not want to regress but all this food is making me hungry!

      • I did not spend much time in Merida since everyone was in Tovar for the holidays. I did drive around some. There have been some improvements since we lived there. There are also four new malls. It is a little crazy how much people like to shop. I am not sure about the cafe, Birosca, Tio Nicotes and Alfredos, but I did pass by Coromotos (the ice cream place) and that is still there!

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