Banish the Bedroom Piles

Update: This blog has moved! You can check out this post here.

To maintain organization, it helps if everything has a place. It is necessary to cull your possessions regularly, so that they do not take over your life. I know this, and yet somehow I still end up with this.

Messy bedroom

I sometimes struggle to put everything in its place every day. When I am stressed and tired at the end of the day, I often pile my clothes on the nearest piece of furniture rather than put them away.

Messy bedroom

Update: This blog has moved! You can finish reading this post here.


4 thoughts on “Banish the Bedroom Piles

  1. I’m guilty of all this. Lock me up! It’s hard when you’re both working full-time and it’s so much easier to just lay it down or toss it across the back of a chair. Good for you… getting organized and cleaning it all up. BRAVO!

  2. Thank you for being honest. I have recently been struggling with depression after my marriage broke up. I found making my bed every day great therapy and it set me on a good footing for the day. It is important to do the this that help us feel good.

    • Good for you in taking steps to battle depression. I have suffered depression myself, and I know how hard even little everyday actions can become when you are feeling blue. I do think that routines are helpful. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help either. Divorce is sometimes more painful than death, in my opinion.

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