A Little of Everything

Update: This blog has moved! You can check out this post here.

This has been a busy week for me. However, it is the last week before spring break, so the end is in sight! I teach at a private school, and we get two weeks of spring break. The plan for the vacation is to retile the kitchen floor. The floor currently looks like this, so there can only be improvement.

I did not do much around the house this week. One project that I accomplished last weekend was to sew a braided rug back together. It is in the hall, and we were constantly tripping over it.

Braided rug falling apart

Update: This blog has moved! You can finish reading this post here.


7 thoughts on “A Little of Everything

  1. Jessica, I am so impressed with all of your posts and your projects! Great job.. Just think of where you will be in 24 months!!! The house will be 100% diffferent with so many more stories to tell… memories to look back on and things to look forward too! Awesome.

    (What does your family think about Chavez passing?)

    • Thanks Bets! It is sometimes hard to remember that there will be an end to the projects when it is so far away! Nice to have a reminder.

      My family is hopeful but nervous about the future. Have you spoken to your family in Venezuela?

      How are your girls? And Jakko?

      • I have not spoken to them at all… I should but my spanish stinks and wel, I have no good excuse… Although, Sylvia is enrolled in a spanish immersion program at school.. 1/2 day in spanish and the other half in english. When she graduates high school, she will have an international diploma… so she should be able to help me write them in a few years.

        The girls are good… Tabitha is making us learn to be better parents… She is a different kid all together… We are learning a lot more about patience and how to live on NO SLEEP.

        Jakko is good. I am good.. All is good. More later!

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