Days 4-6 of the Drama Involving the Kitchen Floor

Update: This blog has moved! You can check out this post here.

This should NOT be viewed as a “How to Tile” post. If anything, it is a “How Not to Tile” post. We are not professionals. This was the first tile job for both of us. Hopefully, our story will provide amusement and the attitude of “Hey, if they can do it, anyone can!” However, unless you are a professional, experienced amateur or a masochist, I recommend that you hire someone to do the work for you. You can read about Days 1-3, if you missed that post.

Day 4: Tuesday, March 19

We woke up to snow and freezing rain. Poor Douglas had to go out to shovel and came back completely soaked. I worked on my post on Days 1-3. Then, back into my painting clothes I went to primer the floor for the leveling compound. Crème, as always, wanted to help.Painting primer on the floor

Update: This blog has moved! You can finish reading this post here.


4 thoughts on “Days 4-6 of the Drama Involving the Kitchen Floor

  1. Jessica, you guys are HARD workers! Lookin’ good! (We are too old to pull all-nighters!) Was it hard to apply the leveling compound? We’ll have to use some, for sure, before we have new linoleum installed. Is it much of a mess? How long does it take to dry? I can see a challenge keeping our dog and cats off the floor if drying takes very long…but we’ll have to do it regardless. I’d rather we did it ourselves than pay the flooring guys to do it!

    • It did not take that long to dry. We left it overnight just to make sure. My advice would be to put it on very slowly with straight movements. I used a sweeping motion, and you could slightly feel the arcs when it dried. All in all this project seemed to take forever and involved a lot of work, but I am glad we did it ourselves. The floor is not perfect, but it looks great. I am happy with our results.

  2. You guys have just tiled your little hearts out! It looks so good, Jessica. Poor Douglas… he’s crashed (great picture!) Looking forward to seeing it all grouted and finished. It’s going to greatly improve your life/home.

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