Folly Beach, South Carolina

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We are not moving to South Carolina, despite what I said Monday. I really like it down there, but I do not think that I would last once it got hot. We did go down for a week, however, thanks to our two-week spring break. After spending the first week battling the kitchen floor to get the new tile down, we needed a vacation in the worst way. I was not happy that we were not able to complete the project before leaving, but we were at least ninety percent done. Hopefully, we will be able to get the rest done this week because we have a guest coming from Rwanda to stay with us on Saturday.

It felt great to escape the madhouse, aka The Cape of Dreams, and relax on the beach. Most of Douglas’ family was there to celebrate his brother’s 40th birthday. His birthday was last September, so they were only six months late. The majority of our time was spent with family. We love those crazy kids. (By the way, what do you think of Douglas without his winter beard? Are you pro-beard or anti-beard?)

with nieces and nephews at Folly Beach

Update: This blog has moved! You can finish reading this post here.


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