Windows to the World

Update: This blog has moved! You can check out this post here.

Speaking of windows, mine look a lot better these days! The difference is astounding. How do you like it now?!

Cape of Dreams with new windows

Update: This blog has moved! You can read about the window installation here.


4 thoughts on “Windows to the World

  1. This decision was so brilliant all the way around – for many reasons (even resale value, should that ever be a consideration). I had all of mine done before Alex was born (after doing one on my own) and I have been very happy ever since!

    Looks great!

    p.s. – Too funny that in one of the before photos snow shovels are visible, and in the after photo the daffodils have come out to meet the sun.

  2. The windows look great! I’m happy for you that your contractor did good work. It’s a leap of faith to spend big money on an important project, but this is a good investment in your house, and having it professionally done saved you guys a ton of time and frustration. Like you, we tend to want to do everything ourselves, but that’s why we’re MONTHS into our kitchen project with no end in sight!

    I also followed some of your other links to previous posts. You are so brave to expose your basement to the blogosphere! Mine is too gruesome and darker and danker than yours. Thanks for being so honest … you make me feel kind of normal, like I’m not the only one whose house is out of control! 🙂

  3. I am so glad that my craziness can help others feel more “normal.” It is nice to know that it serves a purpose. I often feel that I am drowning in all of the projects we have going on along side our every day work. I just have to keep telling myself to have patience!!!

    As for the decision to hire this project out, I am glad that we did. It is good to know your limit and what projects you will be able to complete yourselves without completely losing your mind. Windows was way beyond our ability. I have no doubt that we would have been able to do the job, but not nearly as quickly or competently as the professionals. I console myself with the knowledge that there are other things that I do well. 🙂

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