A Shrubbery and the Knights that Say Ni

Update: This blog has moved! You can check out this post here.

After two years, we finally have our shrubbery. When someone tries to come into our yard, we stand there and say, “None shall pass.” Well, that part is not true. Even with the shrubbery, the neighbor’s kids are constantly coming into our yard. Our neighbor is mortified by it, but I do not mind. I actually like having the kids around while I am working. They are two and five.

There are no pictures of how horrible this side of the yard ever looked. I was sure that there must be photographic proof somewhere, but I have spent a couple of hours now searching for evidence and have come up empty-handed. All I have is this picture of the back yard before I moved in.

back yard in 2009

Update: This blog has moved! You can read about the shrubbery we planted in this post here.


9 thoughts on “A Shrubbery and the Knights that Say Ni

  1. You have a nice backyard! Good place for Kahlua to run and play. Thank goodness for our hard working husbands who do the manly hard work, huh?Looks like your once-puny privet twigs are filling out nicely. In a couple more years you will not remember them being sticks! We also have a privet hedge between the houses that’s been there for decades.

    Is your pink mystery bush a camellia? At first I thought the blossoms looked like flowering quince, but the glossy leaves look like camellia.

    • Our bush is not evergreen, and I do not think that the flowers are camellias. The overall shape is like the flowering quince, but the flowers and leaves look slightly different. Might be a certain type that I haven’t found yet. I should have asked a friend that used to rent our apartment upstairs. He identified many of our mysterious trees and bushes, but I don’t think I ever asked him about that one.

      I really do like the back yard, even though it is small. That makes it much nicer to mow! Once the bushes fill out even more, and it is a little more privet, I am sure I will enjoy it even more.

      Does your privet lose its leaves in the winter? I have read as some privets even as far north as I am will stay green year-round when they fully mature.

  2. Send me some of your energy!! It is so overgrown the task seems very daunting. I know I need to just a section at a time, but it feels overwhelming. My hats off to you for all your hard work!
    You have a wonderfull backyard.

    • You are so sweet. I wish I could come help you! You are correct about doing a little at a time. It can be daunting when you look at the whole thing. My problem is that I have very little motivation to work unless someone is helping me. Thank goodness for Douglas!

  3. yes, your mystery bush IS a flowering quince, I’m almost certain. If it has small, blunt thorn-like protrusions along the stems then for sure it is.

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