Sour Cherry Crisp

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On Monday, some of my girlfriends were coming over that evening, so I used the sour cherries on my tree to make a crisp.

Sour cherries

Update: This blog has moved! You can finish reading this post here.


9 thoughts on “Sour Cherry Crisp

  1. I loved the before and after pics of the kitchen and all the pics of your clean house. The living room looks completely different than when I was there. I am not sure that any of the same furniture remains except the coat stand you made doug.

    • I am so glad that you visited my site. Where are you on Long Island? My dad is from Smithtown, and I still have a lot of family in that area. Honestly, I have a lot of family all over Long Island! I will visit your site.

  2. I think you’re being too hard on yourself for taking it easy for a while after putting work behind you for the summer! (If you can call cleaning your house, baking, and entertaining “taking it easy”!) I sure can relate to not getting as much done as you hope to. That’s been the story of our remodeling lives since we started our kitchen job. And you’ll notice I haven’t posted anything lately because of just that. Eric has been promising for days that great progress is imminent (and he IS working hard). I’ve learned that tackling any kind of project takes a lot of patience!
    What kind of wood is that table? If it’s a porous wood like pine, you might have to sand it down and apply a stain primer/sealer to make the stain take evenly. Good luck! And enjoy your summer off (so envious!!) 🙂

    • You are correct. I am often too hard on myself. I have to realize that I cannot do it all and that I need to relax sometimes… guilt free. That is the hardest part for me. I am sure that both your kitchen and my table will eventually be wonderful.

  3. Hola Jessica, como has estado … espero que bien ! mira, te queria comentar a ver que me dices si te parece bien la fecha que estimo poder estar alla en Nueva York.. seria algo asi como a partir del !ro de septiembre que cae domingo … si es positivo me avisas porque debo comprar mi boleto y mi regreso a venezuela seria desde Nueva York… y dime cual aeropuerto te conviene mas…. besos !

    • Hola Javier, Esa fecha está bien para nosotros. Estaremos trabajando pero puedes explorar la ciudad solo durante el día y me encontraré contigo después de salir de las clases. Hay tres aeropuertos cerca y no importa cual así que puedes escoger el que cuesta menos (La Guardia, JFK o Newark). ¡Estoy feliz de que vengas!

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