Trying to be Creative

Update: This blog has moved! You can check out this post here.

This post will be published a while after it is written, but it is something that needs to be said. Today, June 10 2013, Apartment Therapy published a post on Creative Wedding Photo Ideas. Suzy8track felt the need to say, “I don’t know but it seems like everyone is trying a little to hard to be creative and cute. If it were me, I would stick with the traditional photos, mainly because I want to look at my photos years from now and not be embarrassed by them.”

This hurt my heart. Why would creativity ever be a bad thing? Why would she look at someone’s ideas and think that person had tried too hard to be creative? It seems to me that creativity should come naturally and be promoted.

I had posted a link to our zombie wedding photos, and here was my response to her, “I do not think that trying to be creative is a bad thing, but some of us do not have to try. I was constantly encouraged to be creative as a child, and as a result I now have copious amounts of wacky ideas. Not all of them turn out well, but I will never be embarrassed of any of them. I also have plenty of traditional pictures, but the ones that truly bring a smile to my face tend to be the non-traditional shots.”

Zombie wedding shoot

Have we as a society stopped valuing creativity or is Suzy8track an aberration? I hope it is the latter. Update: This blog has moved! You can read the rest of this post here.

12 thoughts on “Trying to be Creative

  1. So sweet, Jessica! Every blogger I follow does creative things that inspired me every day. I totally agree with you that no matter the outcome… if you have an idea, good or bad, it fulfills an innate desire. I’m always drawn to creative people. You are definitely one of them. Wonderful post. Hope you’re having fun!!!!

  2. Thanks for the sweet mention!

    I totally agree – creativity is what makes waking up in the morning exciting. It’s what prompts people to have a zombie-themed wedding and that’s nothing short of AWESOME!!


  3. I’m so touched that you mentioned me in the same breath with a bunch of awesomely creative people! Thanks! 🙂

    You can’t go wrong if you let your imagination run free. Even if you look back decades later and think what you did was goofy, it will still spark memories of the person you were at the time, and make you laugh (or cry). I’m so impressed with the creative friends like you who I’ve met online!

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