A Secret Revelation

Update: This blog has moved! You can check out this post here.

I have been dying to tell you this story for months. In fact, since March I have been aching to tell everyone what an amazing find I had scored, but the problem was that I had not yet obtained it physically. Then, Victoria wrote this post about her Craigslist find, and I wanted to cry. “It’s not fair! I want to share my amazing coup and I can’t.” So, I waited, because I too had found an amazing wardrobe on Craigslist, but I was not able to pick it up yet.

Antique Wardrobe

Update: This blog has moved! You can check out this post here.










12 thoughts on “A Secret Revelation

  1. This was SO meant to be yours, Jessica! That’s a long time to wait, wonder, hope and work to get it. Congrats on a beautiful piece. It looks amazing in your home. There’s NEVER anything on craigslist where I live. Mid-century modern stuff gets bought up so fast you can forget about it.
    Great story. Enjoy your beautiful wardrobe!

    P.S. Thank goodness for husbands willing to go through the hell just to make us chicks happy. Good guy!

    • Amen sister! Thank God for good men that love us. New York is the Craigslist mecca. I do not even dare look in the city Craigslist unless I am looking for something specific because the deals are unbelievable, and I want to take everything home. Feel free to bring a truck and come up any time. You can stay with us while you are loading up on a lifetime of Craigslist deals! 🙂

  2. Those calves–I mean the wardrobe–is beautiful!! I’m so glad it all worked out. What a leap of faith! This is truly a gorgeous piece. Do you know about what year it was made? I love how the interior glows! I have an old armoire I should write about. It all goes together with joinery, no screws. If you like puzzles, you’d love it!

    • It is hard to stop looking at those calves-I mean armoire- isn’t it? I actually do have a hard time taking my eyes off of it. I am not sure of its age, but I am guess early 20th century. The screws and the pressed wood (similar to pressed back chairs) mean that it is probably not older than that. It is definitely a work of art, though. They just don’t make many pieces like that any more. I would love to see your armoire.

    • Thanks for stopping by! That price is amazing;I could hardly believe that was all he was asking. The feeling that I got was that he really loved the piece and wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate it as much as he did. I feel very fortunate to have it in my home.

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