9 thoughts on “Sunflowers Make Me Happy

  1. GORGEOUS pictures! I have always wanted to plant sunflowers but worried about the squirrels enjoying them way more than me. I have to say that seeing yours makes me want to try next year. A friend of mine plants these for a living and his farm has fields and fields of them. It’s so beautiful. Makes me want to run though them. HA HA! Looking forward to working with you on the site. Thanks, Jessica!

    • Go for it! Last year I planted a couple in the back, and the squirrels got all of them. This year, I planted a lot everywhere. There are only a couple surviving in the back, but these are right by the road, so I think that squirrels are a little more intimidated. I love them!

  2. I love sunflowers too. And bees… so happy to find bees looking healthy and busy in my yard. Glad you’re enjoying them in your yard too. Your sunflower pictures are lovely (yes, they make me smile too…), and your resilience in the face of wordpress theme loss is astounding. (= At least you can do for real yellow smiley faces, that match your sunflowers. I don’t own the smiley faces yet.

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