House Tour

Here is the layout of the main floor of the house. I hope to create  floor plans of the second floor and basement soon. I will have to estimate the diensions of the second floor because I rent it out and do not have access to take measurements.

Cape of Dreams'first floor plan

The house has undergone many changes since the day I first visited in 2009. It is hard to recognize it when I look at old pictures. Last August (2012) I wrote a post comparing pictures from 2009 and 2012. You can read the entire post here. The most dramatic change was taking out all of the 1970’s paneling.

Living/Dining Room 2009In September 2012, I wrote “I Rent Therefore I Own” about my experiences in being a landlord. In that post you can see what the second floor looked like pre-February 2012 when the current tenants moved in.

Rental apartment living roomMy Big Dirty Secret” gives a tour of the basement in its most embarrassing state. It has since been cleaned up quite a bit. When it is finished I will give a tour of the newly organized site.

Hoarders' BasementFrom now on I hope to post an updated house tour every August. Here is “House Tour 2013.”

Cape of Dreams Living RoomHappy Homemaking!


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