Project List

January is the time to think about the new year ahead. I love beginnings, and even though January does not feel like much of a beginning to me since it falls in the middle of the school year, I do like the thought of New Year’s Resolutions. I always make a couple, some of them are annual objectives, such as leaving the country at least once every year. Last year, I resolved to write more, and this blog was the result. Therefore, I am thinking about what I want to do this year, particularly in the house.

I guess it goes beyond this year (2013). As I look through my list, I have to admit that there is no way that we will ever accomplish all of these things in one year….or one decade. I am now hoping that we will be able to finish this lifetime. Here is the breakdown room by room. I will cross the item off as we finish them with the date that they were completed. You can click on the date completed to read the blog post describing the process.

Living RoomDoor that needs painted

  • paint the door
  • set nails in trim
  • putty and sand trim
  • paint trim
  • (crochet) get plant holders February 2013
  • replace t.v. cabinet May 2013
  • hang coat rack
  • build narrow table for under front windowChair
  • reupholster couch
  • reupholster chase lounge
  • refinish chair
  • finish cushions for chair
  • sew slip covers for chairs
  • repair purple pillows
  • get wedding picture
  • hang lamp June 2013Trim that needs painted
  • put in book shelves May 2013
  • replace screens and windows April 2013
  • cover door bell
  • make side table out of drum March 2013

Dining RoomBrass Chandelier

  • fix chairs
  • fix bench
  • refinish Grandma’s table
  • set nails in trim
  • putty and sand trimold window
  • paint trim
  • replace light fixture June 2013
  • replace screens and windows April 2013


  • clean and paint behind stove March 2013
  • replace floor March 2013
  • finish installing dishwasher April 2013Wine crate
  • install pull-out drawers beside stove
  • install new counters
  • tile back splash
  • paint door
  • install weather strip on door
  • hang wine crates  January 2013
  • paint drawers
  • hang drawers on wallFloor needs retiled
  • organize cupboards
  • polish cabinets
  • refinish table
  • fix chair
  • replace screens and windows April 2013
  • put screen in doorCloset needs organizing


  • cut hole in closet door
  • put litter in closet
  • paint linen closet
  • paint closet
  • organize linen closet
  • organize coat closetNew new frames and pictures
  • finish painting
  • hang pictures of Kahlua and Crème
  • reframe and rehang Bucca’s picture
  • reframe flowers
  • fix rug March 2013


  • paint closetJewelry box needs fixed
  • organize closet
  • fix hole in ceiling
  • repaint ceiling
  • hang lamp June 2013
  • fix bed
  • refinish jewelry box
  • refinish dresser
  • replace screens and windows April 2013Hole in ceiling
  • fix rugs April 2013

Spare Room

  • paint walls
  • paint trimDresser needs refinished
  • paint closet
  • organize closet
  • refinish dresser
  • replace knobs on dresser
  • touch up dresser and night stand
  • paint mirrorFrame needs patch
  • find home for paintings
  • replace screens and windows April 2013


  • paint trim blackMedicine cabinet needs painted
  • paint door white
  • repaint walls
  • paint light fixture
  • hang light fixture
  • get plants February 2013
  • replace floor tile
  • re-grout
  • repaint medicine cabinet February 2013Old tile
  • replace screen and window April 2013
  • re-caulk

Stairs to Rental Unit

  • paint wallsWalls need painted
  • carpet stairs
  • hang paintings


  • cull unnecessary items in yard sale and GoodwillCluttered basement
  • get more shelving
  • organize!!!
  • clean!!!
  • hang curtains
  • paint wall in stairway
  • clean stairs
  • new windows April 2013

YardPatchy grass

  • get lawn mower fixed April 2013
  • reseed April 2013
  • plant vegetables April 2013
  • take out pricker bush April 2013
  • transplant bushes May 2013Old bench
  • refinish bench
  • refinish chair
  • get rain barrels
  • build more compost bins

Outside of HouseFront stoop

  • Mosaic on front stairs
  • Mosaic on foundations
  • Mosaic on back stairs
  • fix holes in porch rafters
  • repaint porch
  • repaint shutters
  • fix and hang candelabra
  • fix doors under porchHole in porch ceiling
  • repaint front door
  • paint dormers
  • put motion detector on lamppost

Are you feeling as exhausted as I am? I start to despair until I think of all of the work that we have already done in the house. I would dare to say that in the three years since I bought the house, there have been at least this many projects accomplished. There is hope that this list will someday be completed. Of course, by then there will be a whole new list, but that is the fun of home ownership! Good luck with your project lists.

Here are some more pictures. Just looking at all these things in detail makes me shudder!

Porch floor needs workOld tileNeed new knobsDresser needs refinishingNew new frames and picturesDoor that needs paintedTrim that needs paintedStairs need carpeted

Happy Homemaking!


5 thoughts on “Project List

  1. Hey, I just moved into my new darling husband’s 1940’s house and he has the same red front door with iron handrails and concrete steps. His handrails are rusty at the bases and the concrete has some cracks. We were planning to haul the whole steps away and build a smallish porch. (We don’t want to extend the roof and all that.) A neighbor just took down his handrails and is building a wooden porch over the steps. We were so surprised we never thought of that ourselves. Makes the job less daunting. What do you plan to do with your entrance?

    • I would love to have a front porch, but it isn’t in the budget right now. In the meantime, the cement stoop is staying, but I plan to do a tile mosaic on the front of the steps. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will work out well because this is the first time I will do a mosaic!

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