I Rent Therefore I Own

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It is because there is a legal rental apartment in my house that I was able to purchase it. If I did not have the income from that apartment, I would not have been able to qualify for the loan. It has been a mixed blessing. For the most part, it has worked out well. I did have one bad tenant, but I learned my lesson. The last few tenants have been great. Both living spaces are accessed through the front door. The tenants’ apartment occupies the entire second floor.

Cape of Dreams April 2012

In the picture below, the door on the right is ours. The door at the top of the stairs opens into the hallway in the apartment upstairs. This is a current picture (September 28, 2012), but it does not look much different than it ever did. We have not done anything in the hallway, except to give the door at the top of the stairs a fresh coat of white paint.

Stairway to rental

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