No Whining Over These Crates

Update: This blog has moved! You can check out this post here.

Here is one of our projects from this weekend. I have had these wine crates for several years. I took three of them from the trash outside a wine store when I was living in Manhattan. They put some out every week, and I wish I could have taken more. At the time, I used them as “drawers” on my bookshelves. Later, I found another and used them in my kitchen cabinets here. Then, I saw this post on I have wanted more storage in my kitchen since I moved in, and this seemed the perfect solution. Here is how it turned out.

Wine crate shelves

Update: This blog has moved! Click here, to finish reading this post and see how we mounted these crates on the wall.


15 thoughts on “No Whining Over These Crates

  1. Love this idea and I’ve had the same thoughts with this. I’ve been saving pictures from around the web and hope to do the same type thing in my house. Also, just so you know…. LOVE that you used the full sized pictures in the posts. It’s much easier to read and look at. (hope you don’t mind me saying that) The crates and the BLOG look great. Wonderful inspiration for me!

  2. The crates are great… but totally overshadowed by your cat. (I am a cat fanatic.) I left you a comment on your last post… but I think it went to spam, and I’ve been having a terrible time with Akismet lately, and wanted to be sure that you got it…?

  3. I really like how this space looks. A little nostalgia mixed with a modern elegance. The pottery is a nice touch, and the wine crates put a vintage accent on it. Very eye-catching.

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