She Got Hers….Here’s His

Update: This blog has moved! You can check out this post here.

There has been a new addition to the living room.

Chaise lounge

You might remember that we got a new couch a couple of months ago. I searched for months before I found something that I liked within the price range I set. If you have not been following the blog for long, you can read about the story about how we got it and when we set it up. Here is a picture of the sofa in our living room.

Circular sofa couch

Update: This blog has moved! You can finish reading this post here.

11 thoughts on “She Got Hers….Here’s His

  1. I love free stuff! The couches really compliment each other…. Like it was meant to be. Enjoy the snow and then maybe some hot chocolate while curled up on the new couch!

    • Free stuff is awesome, especially when it is this nice. This week is crazy busy for me, but things will slow down next week, and I will be happy for some hot chocolate, a good book and a nap on the chaise. I hope everything is going well in Austin.

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