Drum Roll, Please! New Coffee Table

Update: This blog has moved! You can check out this post here.

I have been excited for this project for a long time. After finding this drum in the trash in 2010, it did not take me long to decide what I wanted to do with it. I thought that it would make an excellent coffee/side table. What did take me a long time was actually getting started on the project. Anyone else have a problem with procrastination, or is it just me?

Drum used as side table

On Monday, I decided that this was the week. On Wednesday, I took the drum to a local glass cutter to get a piece of glass cut for the top. The shop is a lovely family-owned business. They quoted me $50 + tax to have the 1/4″ glass custom cut. It goes to show how I have been raised that I balked at the price at first. My grandmother attributes our thriftiness to our Scottish ancestors, but all I know is that no one on my mother’s side of the family likes to spend money needlessly. I justified the cost in a number of ways. First of all, I was supporting a local business, and that always makes me happy. Secondly, I did not spend any money on the drum, so in the end it was going to be a cheap side table. When I went to pick up the drum and glass on Thursday, they only charged me $45 total. I am so glad that I went ahead with the project.

Update: This blog has moved! You can see how I made the drum table here.


7 thoughts on “Drum Roll, Please! New Coffee Table

  1. You can’t “BEAT” that! Well… you could at one time, but this is much more fun and less noisy! Very creative, Jessica. You guys did a great job repurposing and finding a fun and practical use for it. One of a kind is always better than the same ole table everyone else has. Great job.

    • Ba dum bah! I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with it when I pulled it out of the trash pile into my car. It sat there for a about a year until the idea came to me, and then it sat for another year until I got around to fulfilling my vision!

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